The Ottoman Conspiracy

Former Special Forces soldier Jeff Bradley is in Bari, Italy, hunting the criminal overlord Avni Leka. He receives a text message from an old friend. Barry Briggs is aboard a tourist bus returning to Istanbul from Anzac Cove commemorations in Gallipoli and it has been hijacked by terrorists. Strapped with explosives, the bus is racing across Turkey to the northern borders of Syria, Iraq, and Iran. The final destination is uncertain.

The Turkish president will not negotiate for the return of New Zealand and Australian hostages and the Turkish military will not allow the bus to cross the border. The hijackers have said they will kill themselves and their captives if they are not allowed to escape. 

Joining forces with a US CIA operative, Reason Johanson, Jeff faces his toughest test yet: a race against time to stop the bus before it reaches the border.

Along the way, Jeff and Reason uncover the identity of those behind the hijacking and discover a conspiracy to undermine regional security and plunge the surrounding nations into war. Will they be able to rescue the passengers in time? Or will they run out of road?

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